Gold bearish again

Gold has broken correction support line and finally moved under the 200-day moving average again. It points to further decline in the price of gold. It is possible to trade it using ETFs (like GLD) or gold futures or spot gold on Forex market.


I have already opened Silver short sell trade (using silver ETF SLV) as silver is weaker than gold.

RSX bearish trade setup

RSX, Russia ETF, continues to show a weakness. I see a possibility for a new move down.


My entry point for this short sell trade is below 22.97 with a stop loss above 23.70. I think that target for this trade could be in the 20.50 USD area.

JJC bearish etf swing trade setup

JJC moves in a narrow trading range. If commodities fail to catch a bid, then this ETF could move down again. This ETF is very sensitive to Chinese economic data and they look bad. So this trade could be confirmation of macro story.


My entry point for this short sell trade is below 36.42 with a stop loss above 37.09. I think that target for this trade could be in the 33 USD area.

RL short sell trade setup

Shares of RL are in a decline. The situation is not positive and the shares could move down in the coming days.


Here is my short sell trade setup:

Entry at 156.39 with a stop loss at 159.19. My target is set to the 147 USD area (147.20)

BKE short sell trade setup

BKE is in bear trend move. Resistance area is too tough to break so this stock could resume its decline.



I have an entry for a short sell trade below 42.90 with a stop loss at 44. I think that possible target for this short sell trade could be in 38 – 38.50 area.