US markets in range

The S&P index in in a small trading range that declares a neutral trading situation right now. I feel that it is better to stay away from the market and wait for a clear decision. The break out of this range will define future trading direction. When the price breaks above the range and moving averages,  I will put my effort to bullish trades.

If the price will break down the range and support trendline, the best way will be to short sell the stocks and ETFs.



Market not bullish anymore

I have waited for a FED meeting to see market reaction. It is not very volatile yet. But the market is not in strong bullish trend anymore. It is neutral as the best But if it broke below yesterday lows, the situation will be negative.

What it means for a trader like me? That I want to be conservative. I am not going to trade aggressively and I plan to include also short sell trades into my setups. I plan to trade only the strongest stocks on the bullish side.


S&P500 turned neutral and maybe negaive

The major S&P 500 index broke down both short and mid-term moving averages. The breakdown is accompanied with strong volume so it looks like serious selling from big investors. The first level of possible support is 1775-1785 area as shown on the chart below.


I do not want to turn to bear mode now, but I plan to be more cautious on both sides. A few days without action could also be the solution for this week.

Commodities and Emerging Markets bearish

Two markets that are now in bear market mode are commodities and emerging markets. Their major indexes represented by exchange traded funds tell us a similar story. These two parts of global financial markets should be traded with short sell strategies these days.





US Market analysis 19.1.2014

Volume increased during a week, but the market indexes were not able to reach new highs. It is uncertain what investors want to do. Results show that there are almost the same number of bulls and bears on the market today.

The indexes are still in bullish position and it means that I plan to make only bullish trades. Every short trade,  I made in past weeks ended in loss so I do no tplan to make any other short sell trade until indexes drop significantly.



US Market analysis 12.1.2014

US indexes bounced from their 20 day moving averages and keep their positive bias. But some important stocks like AAPL, NFLX or AMZN show signs of weakness so it is possible that another wave or decline could come.



Commodities negative

Broad based commodity index represented by ETF with a symbol DBC turned into negative mode again. I see possibility for further decline in broad commodity prices. I want to buy any commodity right now. My approach will be to find the weakest commodity and short it.


US Market analysis for 5.1.2014

Market volume is still at low levels. I expect that the most market participants will return this week starting January 6th.

Stock indexes are in orderly pullback that is very needed to allow possible new bull run up.


I will watch the action near moving averages price area to determine if the bull trend is still intact.