Trading lesson – Aug-16-2019

China’s stock market is often mentioned in financial news and its rise or decline can influence development on other international markets including the US stock market. It is not easy to trade shares directly in the China stock market.

Chinese stock market exchange-traded funds listed on the US stock exchanges could be a good option for investors from the USA or Europe that want to invest in the Chinese stock market without the need to trade directly in Asia but there are also China exchange-traded funds that track specific part of the Chinese stock market.

Discover how to invest in China’s stock market without the need to trade stocks in Asia.

Trading lesson – Aug-09-2019

A Chinese stock market is an attractive place for investment for plenty of investors. There are several options for how an investor or trader can gain access to the Chinese equity market and Chinese shares.

The local Chinese exchange is restricted to domestic investors and the Chinese government protects its own stock market and economy. The capital flow is strongly restricted in the Chinese area.

Traders and investors can find Chinese stocks traded in Hong Kong that is open for every investor and good brokers already offer access to this major Asian stock exchange. The only problem could be a big difference in time for European and American investors and traders.

To solve this problem, you can trade Chinese ETF shares in the USA. There are plenty of Chinese companies tradable also on US exchanges. How to find Chinese companies listed in the US and how to find the best stocks to invest in now?

Reveal the answers for the Chinese stock market.

Trading lesson – Aug-02-2019

One of the important basics for every trader is a good online broker. There is not only one top stockbroker, but every individual trader also has more or less different needs for his strategy. Everyone wants to find an online broker with the lowest fees. But the best online stock brokers offer more than the lowest fees.

They provide user services such as:

  • Online trading platform,
  • Level of security,
  • Support,
  • Real-time data for stock tickers,
  • Inventory of shares for short selling,
  • List of tradable markets and products.

Find out what exactly the best online stock brokers offer to the traders.