Trading lesson – Apr-19-2019

Every investor is looking for the best ways to invest money. My tips are based on my style of how I invest my money in the stock market:

  • avoid very passive ways to invest money,
  • invest in shares via the long-term trade,
  • learn from the market crash chart and history chart,
  • accept the Morningstar ratings very carefully,
  • do not buy and hold ETFs for years,
  • do not invest your money without a plan.

How to invest money into commodity ETFs? Why you should use the technical and fundamental analysis of stocks and trends? Are you interested in online currency trading?

Discover the best ways to invest money in the stock market.

Trading lesson – Apr-12-2019

It is not easy to find a list of the best dividend paying stocks. In order to pick the best dividend stocks, you should look at the sustainability and growth rate of dividends and the frequency of dividends.

In order to make good long term investment conclusions, you must pay attention to where the earnings come from and what is the earnings power of the company. The frequency of dividends is crucial as well as it gives us some space for maneuvering and tactical shifts of holding the asset.

Find out more about the best dividend stocks for defensive situations.

Trading lesson – Apr-05-2019

If we would like to recognize a negative sentiment on the market we should use the bearish candlesticks and a chart analysis that are essential the stock market trading tools.

To analyze negative candlesticks during a chart analysis it is important to decide when to sell long (bullish) trade. These candlesticks also help to define the best bearish trade entries in the bear stock market situations.

Learn how to use bearish candlesticks in stock trading.