FFIV Bullish trade setup

FFIV changed its position during the last few days. It indicates the possible return into an uptrend.


I plan to buy this stock at 90.39 when it clears resistance at the 90 USD, Stop loss under the breakout point at 88.99 and my target is near 98 USD.

KRE – Bank ETF trading setup

KRE – Regional Bank ETF moved strongly up. Now it rests. The trend is strong and if the momentum will continue it can move up another two or three points.


The entry point for this setup is above 41 at 41.13, stop loss at 40.61 and target area is near 43.

If you have already opened position in KRE you can use this setup as an opportunity to add into already winning position.


XRAY trade setup

XRAY presents possible breakout trade opportunity


I want to buy this stock if it moves above the 49.15 USD with a stop-loss at 48.40. The target area is near 52 USD.


Actual situation – US markets

Recent pullback released a little bit of hot air from markets. Situation moved into more neutral and also significantly showed strongest and weakest part of the market.

S&P500 is in a neutral position. Price is caught in the support area of both major moving averages. The Nasdaq 100 is in a slightly better position.

Commodities have turned bearish again and Emerging Markets are nearing the support level of their current trading range.