Trading lesson – Aug-17-2018

I sure you have heard about the technical analysis a lot but did you know that there is an indicator for selecting momentum picks for momentum day trading strategies?

It is one of technical indicators that are not directly used in equity market strategies and it is called beta coefficient. It can be also used much better for a risk management purposed, in a trade management process and is often used by short-term stock traders.

How to measure the beta coefficient and the volatility of a specific instrument? A very good tool for selecting tickers is a free Yahoo screener but you can also use one of the good online trading sites like FinViz or ChartMill.

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Trading lesson – Aug-10-2018

Silver has long been valued as a precious metal. Other than in currency and as an investment medium. One way of silver investing are silver stocks.

In order to assess the value of a silver mining company, you can either do the easy way by using market multiples or do it the hard way and use analysis.

There are different ways to select best candidates for silver investing. Some are way more difficult than a pure bet on silver itself. You can use the fundamental or technical analysis. Sometimes it is better just to check the trend and then find the best silver stocks which are trending in same direction. You can use some websites offering good stock screening but generally a list of all silver stocks is not big and you can evaluate all of them manually.

Discover how to find the best silver stocks to improve results of silver investing.